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Disclaimer: I own nothing except my characters. Other canon characters are owned by their respective companies.

Exclaimer: To people who don't like the story, just don't read it.

Legacy of Legends

Chapter 23

Training and Talks

Flame and Ember rounded around the corner, and entered the doors that led into the Dining Hall. To their surprise, Cynder was there, eating breakfast all alone.

"Hey Cynder!" Ember greeted. The dragoness turned around and smiled at them.
"Flame?" she asked. "What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be resting?"
"Cyril discharged me already; however I have Ember here as my babysitter so I don't hurt myself."
"I see," Cynder replied.
"Where's Spyro?" Ember asked.
"Oh, he's at the training dojo. You know training and everything."
"Spyro trains a lot, doesn't he?" Flame asked. "Does he ever do anything else?"
"Well, occasionally, he helps the moles around in repairing some parts of the city, like helping them move some boulders and stuff. But most of the time, he's training."
"Why? I mean, doesn't he rest or anything? Compared to us, he's doing a lot of work while we…are just practically sitting around here," said Ember.
"I honestly don't know. Spyro's just like that I suppose. No one's forcing him to do this now, unlike before because it was needed. I guess it's just way for him to pass the time."
"Speaking of training, Cynder, do you know when ours start? I mean, training is still important to us, even if there's no more war going on." Flame asked.
"I think I'll have to ask the Guardians about that," she replied. Flame nodded.

0 0 0 0 0

"Are you sure this is okay? I mean, he is mad," Sparx said.
Zaze rolled his eyes. "Sparx, that's why were here. That's why were following him. We're going to help him calm down. I don't like seeing dragons angry, that's why I'll be a good friend and find out what's bothering him."
"Good point." The dragonfly nodded.

The dragon and the dragonfly turned around the corner, and saw Volteer. The guardian seemed rather disturbed and was brooding quietly at the balcony of the Temple. He was glaring at the distance, his expression stiff. Zaze and Sparx glanced at each other, before approaching the electric dragon.

"Volteer?" Zaze called out.
"Yes?" he replied, not looking at him.
"Are you…okay?" Zaze said, choosing his words carefully.
"I'm fine."
"You don't seem fine," he replied.
"I said I'm fine," he snapped back. He sighed, realizing he was getting angry again.
"Is this about Pyre?" Zaze said, getting straight to the point.
Volteer stayed silent. Sparx gently landed on Zaze's shoulders, listening quietly on the conversation.
"You're jealous, aren't you?" Zaze concluded. Sparx on the other hand was surprised at this.
"Did you just say jealous? Since when did—"
"I can't believe I am acting like this." Volteer shook his head. "Yes, Zaze."
"I am missing something here?" Sparx asked, surprised at the revelations before him.
"Oh right, you're not exactly updated with how things are now, aren't you?" Zaze asked.
"Nobody tells me anything!"
"Well, just shut up and listen then," said Zaze. Sparx snorted, but nonetheless followed.
Zaze turned and faced Volteer again. "It's natural Volteer. You're jealous because Flare will be mostly spending her time with Pyre now, right? And less time with you."
"What am I going to do…?" The Electric Guardian stared at the floor.
"I see no reason to be worked up about this. You said it yourself. You like her. She likes you. Just make it easy for both of you and tell her. That way, if Pyre ever tries anything—"
Sparx however cut off Zaze. "WAIT! Volteer!? In a relationship!? Where am I when all of this was happening!?"
"You were sleeping?" Zaze said, somewhat annoyed at getting interrupted. "Anyways, does this mean you finally made up your mind?" He asked, turning to Volteer again.
"You could say that," replied Volteer, smiling warmly.
"Good for you then. So what are you going to do?"
"What I do best. Follow your advice. But Zaze, there's something bothering me."
"What is it?"
"What if Flare doesn't like me anymore?"
"Why would you say that?"
"Well, I've been rather distant from her ever since she got here, and only started really talking to her a few days ago. Maybe accepting Pyre as her student wasn't out of boredom. Maybe she just wanted to look for other dragons, since she's given up on me."
"Don't be like that, Volteer," said Sparx. "You're thinking too much."
"I agree with Sparx. You're thinking too much."

And right at that moment, Cyril came walking from the corner.

"Volteer! I finally found you," he said, approaching the three of them.

Then Cyril got the gist that something was up,

"Uh…did I interrupt something?" he asked looking at the three of them.
Volteer shook his head. "No. What is it Cyril?"
"I just came by to tell you," he turned to Volteer. "That it's high time we start training officially."
"You mean studying? I don't get to be lazy anymore?" Zaze whined.
Volteer glanced at him. "Yes, Zaze; and I understand Cyril. I'll be sure to start teaching Zaze as soon as possible."
"Why is that I get the feeling that training isn't going to be fun?" Zaze said to himself.
Sparx just chuckled and patted him at the shoulder.
"Oh and another thing, Volteer," the Ice Dragon said, motioning for him to come closer.
Volteer leaned in close, as Cyril began relaying messages to him.
Zaze and Sparx however were out of earshot, so they couldn't hear anything that was being said. Eavesdropping is rude. However, there were the occasional responses that made Zaze all the more curious to what was being spoken about.

"Are you serious?" Volteer asked, flustered.
"I am," replied the Ice Guardian. "It is…part of our duty to explain to young dragons the teachings of life."
Volteer sighed. "I don't think I'm the best dragon there is to explain this; I'm not even a father figure."
"And neither am I; Ignitus was, but he is no longer with us. It's not easy for me either. I'm the one having to explain this to Spyro and Cynder."
"Who will tell Flame and Ember then?"
"I see."
Zaze couldn't take it anymore. "What are you guys nothing about?"
"Oh nothing, young dragon; you will find out soon enough," said Cyril with a knowing smirk.
"I am not looking forward to this…" said Volteer shaking his head. "But I understand."
"Good. I'll see you later then."
"Wait," Volteer called out. "When do I start the discussion?"
Cyril scratched his chin. "The sooner the better; at least with Zaze, you get to practice how you break it to them."
"Break what to me?" Zaze asked, getting a bit worried. "What are you guys talking about!?" He turned to Sparx, to see if he got anything out of it.
"Don't look at me. I'm on the same page as you are Zaze."
"Volteer…?" Zaze asked, as Cyril left the area.
The Electric Guardian stared at him with a blank stare. For a few moments, he held it, before shaking his head.
"Come with me Zaze. We're going to have a talk."
"About what?"
Volteer just stared at him. "Just come with me."

Zaze and Sparx just glanced at each other, before following behind the dragon.

0 0 0 0 0

"So let me get this straight, training starts now?"
The Fire Guardian nodded. "Yes Flame."
"And he's going to be part of our class?" Ember asked, looking over to the other dragon.
"For the time being, yes," Flare answered.
"Okay…" Ember said, glancing at Flame.

The four fire dragons were at the training dojo. Earlier, Flare had received the news from Cyril that training officially starts now, which she just relayed to his two other students. Pyrus, the other dragon in the room, was sitting and listening patiently throughout the time she did so. Flare padded over to him, a smile on her face.

"I'm sorry. I'm guessing you thought I would be teaching you alone but as you can see," Flare gestured over to Flame and Ember. Pyrus shook his head.
"No, it's okay. I completely understand. It is the responsibility of a Guardian."
Flare nodded, before walking over to the center of the room.
"Okay. Before we get started, for formalities sake, I am Flare, The Fire Guardian, and I will be your teacher for Elemental Training. Due to certain circumstances, we won't be following the regular curriculum we usually have, which basically has me teaching you all the basics then going up. Instead we'll start off with this. I'll be asking each of you what you can do, and from there, I'll be able to judge where I should start teaching. Okay?"

Everyone nodded in the room.

"Great then; I'm guessing that, Pyrus," she turned to look at him. "You're practically here for a refresher? You already know all of this stuff."
"If you put it that way, I suppose so." A smirked travelled across his maw. "And I also wanted a sort of rematch afterwards."
Flare's brow rose. "Challenge accepted then. I'll get to you later."

Flame and Ember just glanced at each other, as they listened to the two adults before them.

"So Flame," Flame perked up hearing his name. "What can you do?"

0 0 0 0 0

"Uh…what are we doing here…exactly?"

Zaze asked as he stared at his surroundings. He was surrounded by books. They were at the library; he, Sparx and Volteer. He thought they were going to be training. What on earth were they doing at the library then?

"Privacy is here important…" answered Volteer, turning around to face him.
"It's important because…?" Sparx asked.
"Because of what I am about to talk you about," he answered seriously. "Sit down."

Zaze nodded, and sat down the floor, looking at him earnestly. Volteer sat across him, sitting on his haunches. He scratched his chin as he cleared his throat.

"Zaze, have your parents ever given you…the talk?"
"The talk?" Sparx asked, sitting down on Zaze's shoulder.
"Uh…no? I…don't remember," Zaze answered.
"Oh right." Volteer tapped his temple with a claw. "You have amnesia."
"What talk? What talk are we talking about?" Sparx asked.
"There comes a time," Volteer said. Zaze noted how apprehensive his tone was. "When a parent of a dragon, father to son, mother to daughter, sits down and has a talk with each other."
"What do they talk about?" Zaze asked.
Volteer bit his lips. "Life; in preparation for a coming of a…certain season, that will affect dragons of your age."
"Season…?" The gears inside Zaze's head began to work. When seasons were being talked about, it usually were the four seasons. Spring, summer, fall and winter; but none of those would normally make one apprehensive.

Except for one specific season; and it didn't involve weather.

Zaze's expression changed from thinking, to surprise, and lastly, embarrassment. His cheeks began to glow red as he realize what Volteer was talking about.

"Are you talking about mating season!?"

Author's Notes:

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Legends of Legacy ~ A Spyro the Dragon Fanfiction

Special thanks to Alec the Dark Angel :icondarkangelaw1986: for being the beta reader for this story.
The OC "Pyrus" belongs to Alec the Dark Angel.

Summary from FF . Net:

"Spyro and Cynder had saved the world. But their life was just getting started. With dragonkind slowly rebuilding itself and new dragons appearing, a new threat looms ahead. Can the legends manage to keep the legacy of peace?"

Chapter 23 Training and Talks


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Disclaimer: The Legend of Spyro characters as well as Spyro the Dragon characters, are owned by their respective companies.
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