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Disclaimer: I own nothing except my characters. Other canon characters are owned by their respective companies.

Exclaimer: To people who don't like the story, just don't read it.

Legacy of Legends

Chapter 20

Friend No More

"So Cyril, what are we going to do exactly?" Flare asked.
"Glad you asked Flare," the Ice Guardian replied. "We are going to the Gem Depot."
"Uh…" Flare thought for a moment. "Why are we going there exactly?"
"Our supplies of gems are running drastically low. It's high time we need to get a refill."
"Ah, I see," Flare replied.

The two continued on down the steps of the Temple, and before long they reached the city streets of Warfang. Moles, dragons and even some cheetahs were in the area, all minding there own business. Some were children, some were adults, carrying about in there lives.

"So Flare, how are you finding your new lifestyle now?" Cyril asked, trying to start a conversation.
"Honestly? Aside from the fact that I have a lot of free time, it's great. I've always wanted to do something important. And now that I am doing one of the most important things in the world, I'm practically living the dream." She sighed, looking up at the sky. "Mom and Dad would have been so proud."
"That's great to hear Flare," said Cyril smiling. "But you know there are some things you can do to pass the time."
Flare turned her head to look at him interested. "And those are?"
"Well, for one thing you can run these errands every now and then."
"Go on."
"There's also the library in the Temple. You can pass the time there by enveloping yourself in books."
Flare scratched her chin. She didn't think about that. "I'll make a mental note of that."
"Great. You can also socialize with dragons in the Temple. You'll find that they are eager to get to know you."
"They do?"
Cyril chuckled. "Of course they do. I'm guessing Zaze out of all of them."
"Zaze? As in that electric dragon?"
"Oh, so you've talked to him then?"
Flare remembered Zaze vividly. He was the one that figured out she had a liking to Volteer.
"More or less."
"And the last thing you could do is find a temporary apprentice."
"An apprentice?" Flare asked.
But Cyril didn't manage to answer her question. "Ah, here we are."

Flare averted her eyes, and took a look around her surroundings. Their conversation had completely stopped her from noticing their traveling. Nonetheless, they were there at the Warfang Market. It was just like your any ordinary market, except cleaner and had a great deal of variety. There were allot of stalls in the area, each manned by dragon, cheetah or mole.

Flare took a look at the shop they were at and read the sign. In big bold letters, the words "Gem Depot" were written. It seemed to have been the only gem shop in the area and was the biggest. It was also the only shop to feature armed mole guards at the entrance. As Flare entered she saw that there were sacks upon sacks stacked at the corners of the shop that were filled with gems. She never saw a place filled with so many gems until now.

"Hello my dear good gentleman," Cyril greeted.
"Ah, Cyril," the shopkeeper greeted back. "What is it we can help you with?"
Cyril smiled. "We need our share of gems once again in the Temple."
The mole nodded. "Understood; I'll immediately send moles to deliver them as soon as possible."
"Thank you very much," Cyril smiled warmly at him. After that, the mole scurried away to the back area of the shop.
"Flare, let us go. We are done here."
Flare turned to face him, a bit surprised. "Already?"
"Yes. Business must always be conducted swiftly, but accurately."
A look of slight concern crossed Flare as she thought of how much Cyril had requested. "Do we even have the money to pay for the gems we requisitioned?"
Cyril chuckled. "Flare, you need not to worry."
"What? Why?"
"I'll explain outside."

The two dragons stepped outside, and Cyril stood in front of her.

"The gems we got are, in a simpler choice of words, free."
Flare stared at him. "Huh? Really?"
Cyril raised a brow in amusement. "You don't read that much do you? Anyways, it's more of an agreement. The Dragon Temple here in Warfang gets a share of the gems the moles mine. It's an agreement that dates back to the time of our ancestors. The moles did that as a sign of worship, since they revered the dragons."
"I guess I learn something new everyday," Flare smiled sheepishly.
"You do. And the gems they give us are more than enough, which is why we have enough gems to even spend," Cyril said.
"Wow, I never knew."

0 0 0 0 0

Volteer walked down the steps of the Temple. There was a spring in his step, and a new outlook on life. Zaze's words got to him and gave him closure. And that was all he ever needed. Now, he was heading to Warfang Market. Earlier he had ask a mole if he had seen Flare, and he replied that she was last seen with Cyril, heading to the Warfang Market. Volteer didn't know why she was with Cyril, but all that mattered was that she was at Warfang Market.

Rounding around the corner, he was greeted with the familiar sights and sounds of the central trading hub of the city. Finding Flare in this huge area would be a challenge. But it was something he could do. Scratching his chin, he gazed left and right and examined the dragons in the area.  

There were some hatchlings with their parents walking around. Cheetahs were out and about, carrying supplies to their own stalls that were in the area. Moles were scurrying left and right, weaving their way swiftly across the crowd, wanting to get to their destination as fast as possible.

"Hey! Volteer, fancy meeting you here."

Volteer turned around and found the source of the voice. It was none other than Hunter, the Cheetah. Resting atop his left shoulder was his eagle, Chase.

"Hunter! What are you doing here?" Volteer replied happily.
"I could ask you the same question. I needed to get a new bow; how about you?"
"Me? Well, I was just looking for someone."
Hunter crossed his arms across his chest. Even his eagle looked at Volteer attentively. "Need any help?"
"I suppose so. I was looking for Flare, the new Fire Guardian."
"So I've heard. The Ascension Competition was quite the event. So this Flare, how did he perform? I wasn't there myself you see."
"She; actually."
Hunter turned to face Volteer in a surprised manner. "She? Wow. That's the first time I've heard of a female Guardian."
"It was a shocker for all of us."
Hunter's brow rose. A smirk began to tug at the side of his lips. "Why exactly are you looking for her again?"
Volteer faced him and noted his expression. "…Why are you staring at me like that?"
"No reason." The cheetah shrugged. "I was just curious."
"Well I was looking for her because—"

The cheetah and dragon turned their heads forward in sync. Right in front of them were the Ice Guardian and Fire Guardian.

"Flare!" Volteer smiled.
"Hunter!" Cyril greeted.
"Cyril!" Hunter replied back.

Chase just idly stared at the four; a look of boredom on his face.

"What are you two doing here?" Cyril asked, beaming.
Hunter crossed his arms again. "Well I was here on errand. As for Volteer however…"
The Electric Guardian had a slight blush on his face, which he tried to cover by scratching his cheeks. "I was looking for Flare."
"You were looking for me?" Flare asked. Volteer nodded. "Why?"
"I wanted to talk to you," he answered. He then cast glances towards Cyril and Hunter. "...privately. "
"Oh I understand. " Flare turned to Cyril. "Cyril, I had great time accompanying you, but you see--"
"I understand Flare. No need to apologize. In any case, I have other matters to attend to so if you'll excuse me."
"See you later Cyril," Flare said as she waved him goodbye.
As Cyril soon disappeared into the crowd Volteer turned to face her once again.
"In any case, I believe you two haven't been introduced yet. Flare this is Hunter."
Hunter smiled at her. "Nice to meet the new Fire Guardian in person. "
"Nice to meet you too, Hunter," Flare replied.
"Hunter here was one of the cheetahs that helped us against the Dark Master. He was the one that found Spyro and Cynder in the Catacombs," Volteer said.
"Volteer, there is no need for you to introduce me in such a manner. Regardless," Hunter turned to face Flare. "I must go now. Chase over here is getting rather bored and wants to fly now. The sooner I get my bow the sooner he can fly again."

And with that Chase squawked in agreement.

"I understand. See you when we see you then." Flare bid the cheetah farewell and soon he disappeared into the crowd.
"So Volteer, you wanted to see me?" Flare asked.
"I did."
"About what?"
"Well..." Volteer scratched his chin. "I'll just say it simply. I wanted the two of us to hang out again; catch up I mean."

Flare blinked a bit surprise at his request. It was rather out of the blue. And the last time she checked, Volteer wanted to be by himself for a while. Regardless, to be able to finally talk her friend was an option she wanted to take.

"Oh sure!" she replied. "Glad to see that you're feeling talkative again."

0 0 0 0 0

"Do I like you?" he asked. "Of course I do. You're my friend."
Ember shook her head. He misunderstood the question. "That's not what I meant."
"What do you mean then?"
Ember's cheeks blushed. "Flame, do you like me? As in…like me, like me?"

Flame blinked. Where did this question come from all of a sudden? It had taken him by surprise. But then again, this was it. This was his chance. He was looking for a chance to tell him her feelings and just leave it to fate to see what she thought of him. And the chance presented itself. It was time to either take it or leave it. He sighed and looked her straight in the eye. His heart beat frantically in his chest as the words escaped his lips.

"Yes…I do, Ember. I like you. I like you…allot…"

There was tense silence in between the two of them. Flame was just waiting for the inevitable now. Was his heart going to be torn into pieces? Or was his long romantic dream finally going to come true? Either way, he was proud of himself. And he had to give credit where it was due. Without Zaze, he couldn't have summoned up the courage, or even the confidence to tell her the words.

Now all he needed to do was wait.
Ember was…she didn't know what she felt. She was shocked, surprised, scared, embarrassed; her feeling couldn't be described in words. Her best friend; the greatest friend she ever had. The friend that always stood by her side, when she needed him to be, just confessed his love for her.  She never thought of Flame as more than a friend. But now that she looked back on it. Her thoughts however were derailed when Flame snorted.

"I know…it's kind of stupid…I shouldn't have said anything."
Ember's brow rose. A question immediately formed in her mind. "Why…why didn't you tell me?"
"Because…" Flame averted his eyes. "You kept on talking about Spyro…how you wanted to meet him and everything…and also…you never noticed me. I didn't exactly want to get rejected." Flame bit his lip.
"But now I do."
Flame turned to look at her, and saw her seriousness. Ember was looking at him straight in the eye, a warm smile on her face. He was distracted, he didn't even notice the distance between there faces shortening.
"I notice you now Flame; more than ever."

Hearing those words, made Flame feel something inside him stir; it urged him on, and gave him the courage. The distance between them disappeared, and soon, their maws met. No words were said as the two shared their first kiss. In their minds, one thought was clear.

It felt right.

Author's Notes:

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Legends of Legacy ~ A Spyro the Dragon Fanfiction

Special thanks to Alec the Dark Angel :icondarkangelaw1986: for being the beta reader for this story.
The OC "Pyrus" belongs to Alec the Dark Angel.

Summary from FF . Net:

"Spyro and Cynder had saved the world. But their life was just getting started. With dragonkind slowly rebuilding itself and new dragons appearing, a new threat looms ahead. Can the legends manage to keep the legacy of peace?"

Chapter 20 Friend No More


Next Chapter: [link]
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Disclaimer: The Legend of Spyro characters as well as Spyro the Dragon characters, are owned by their respective companies.
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