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Legacy of Legends 3

Chapter 12

Mentor Talk

Volteer sat at his pile of cushions in the Guardians’ Room. He had just finished reading some scrolls he had and was looking forward for some well-deserved rest. Teaching young dragons the necessary lessons were always a tiring endeavor. He let out a yawn as he rested his head on the comfortable pillow. A nice nap was the main thing he wanted to do at the moment. But it had to wait, as a knock came from the door.
“Yes?” he answered, sitting upright. “What is it?”
The door opened and the dragon’s brow rose. “Good afternoon, Master Volteer,” said the dragon as he entered.
“Likewise; what is it that you need young dragon?”
“Master Volteer,” the dragon looked determined, “would you please teach me that technique from earlier?”
Volteer’s attention was hooked. “What is your name, young dragon?”
It took a moment for the Guardian to realize who he was but when it clicked he let out a sigh. “You’re the dragon earlier from class, correct?”
“I am.”
“And that technique you’re referring to, what was it exactly?”
“It was the done that Zaze did! The one where it allowed him to move fast! Can you please teach that to me?”
Volteer thought back to the moment.

0 = 0 = 0

“Why would I even want to hurt you?” he asked rhetorically. “If I did however,” Volteer—who had been idly listening in on the conversation—wondered where Zaze was going with this. In a blink of an eye, Zaze disappeared in front of them, shocking Trax.
“Whoa! Where’d he go!?”
“It would be so easy.”
Trax jumped, surprised to find Zaze standing right beside him all of a sudden. “Wait—but you were—huh?”
“Zaze,” Volteer said, looking at him. “You’re scaring him.”
“Okay, okay, I’ll back off,” Zaze said walking on front of them again.
“How did you do that!?” Trax asked enthusiastically. He then turned to face Volteer and blurted out, “Will you teach us how to do that?”
“Maybe, Trax, maybe; but right now, we need to focus back on class.”

0 = 0 = 0

He could actually teach that technique to Trax, but the level of difficulty was way too high for him at the current moment. “I’m sorry, young dragon, but I can’t.”
Trax looked visibly disappointed. “What? But why?”
Volteer tried to choose the best words to use. “For a simpler explanation, it’s a technique too difficult for you to even try.”
“B-but Zaze! He managed to do it!”
“Zaze…is a different case.” Volteer didn’t want to open a rather touchy subject. It was hard enough to explain to everyone that Zaze is technically Malefor. It was even harder to explain to everyone that Malefor wasn’t actually Malefor but it was Maffrin. “Not because he’s a purple dragon, mind you.”
“Then what then?” Trax asked, sounding a little desperate. “What makes him special?”
“It’s not what makes him special, Trax. It’s because of who he is.”
“But you said it’s not because he’s a purple dragon.”
“Yes, I did.” Volteer glanced at the dragon. “That technique you saw Zaze did, for a simpler choice of words, he made that technique.”
Trax blinked, hearing the statement. “H-he made that?”
The Guardian nodded. “He did, Trax. That technique he demonstrated in front of you, Zaze made that. And that is why that technique is too hard for you to do. Heck, it’s even difficult for me to do.” Volteer noted how down Trax became. “I hope you understand.”
The dragon let out a dejected sigh and nodded his head. “Thanks for telling me, Master Volteer.”
But Volteer felt that this discussion was far from over. “Trax.”
“You’re awfully interested in learning this technique. May I ask why?”
The dragon shrugged. “I just wanted to, you know, learn something cool I guess…”
Volteer’s brow rose. He could feel that the dragon was evading the topic. He decided to prod further. “To be honest, I could probably teach you something cool that would wow your friends that are easy to do. But I feel like there’s more to this.”
Trax remained silent, not looking at him and this confirmed the dragon’s suspicions.
“But if you don’t want to tell me—“
“I want to be your apprentice.”
Volteer stopped in his train of thought, surprised at the sudden statement. “Sorry?”
Trax faced him, a look of determination on his face. “I want to be your apprentice, Master Volteer.”

So that was it.

Volteer eyed the dragon, sitting up straight. “You want to become a Guardian?”
“I do!” the dragon replied enthusiastically. “I read and study my lessons every day. I practice my element whenever I have the chance. And I’m willing to learn the hardest technique there is, just to prove that I can be one.”
“You do understand that becoming a Guardian is a very hard endeavor and it is not a decision to be made lightly?”
“I do, Master Volteer. I’ve known for a long time.”
The Electric Guardian scratched his chin. He already had a choice. But he needed to give the dragon a fair chance, as with all things. “Very well, I shall look into your performances more. In the meantime all I can say is this…”

0 0 0 0 0

“That I should do my best with everything I do.”
Spyro nodded. Trax had just finished telling him the story of how his conversation with Volteer went. “Well, that is sound advice.”
“But I don’t stand a chance!” The dragon’s shoulders drooped. “I don’t know anything!”
“But didn’t you say read and practice your lessons?”
“I do, but come on, those are nothing. I need to stand out or else Volteer won’t choose me.”
“Fair enough; but I have a question for you, Trax.”
“What is it, Spyro?”
Spyro looked at him seriously. “Why do it? What’s your motivation?”
Trax blinked, and then smiled at him. “My motivation? It’s simple really. I just want to be proud of something.”
Now it was Spyro’s turn to be confused. “What?”
“I know, I know, it sounds stupid,” Trax said waving a paw dismissively. “But that’s the truth. I just want to achieve something I could be proud of. Like you for example.”
“You’re the legendary purple dragon, Spyro. You saved the world from the paws of the Dark Master. I want to be able to do something like that. Not literally, of course, but you get what I mean, right?”
“I think I do,” Spyro said, now finally understanding what Trax was trying to say. “You want to be able to achieve something that no one else could; something unique. You want to do something that’ll make you stand out and have dragons respect you for. Am I right?”
Trax smiled. “Exactly! All my life, I’ve never been able to be proud of something. There’s always someone out there better than me! For once, I just want the world to cut me some slack. I want to be the center of attention.”
Spyro patted the dragon on the back. “That’s just the thing, Trax, the world won’t.”
The dragon turned his head. “It won’t?”
“Just because you want it to, doesn’t mean it would.” The dragon chuckled. “That would be too easy. You have to work hard for it. You have to earn it, like all things.”
The yellow dragon sighed dejectedly. “If you put it like that, I feel like I won’t reach my dreams at all.”
“That’s just how it is. How else did you think me and Cynder stopped Malefor back when he was wreaking havoc? We wanted to stop him. But wanting won’t get you anywhere. You’d have to put in the work needed.”
“How, Spyro?” Trax scratched his head. Their conversation went full circle now. “How would I do it?”
“If you really want to become a Guardian, then it’s simple: you train. What’s the strongest elemental attack you know?”
“Uh…” Trax then mumbled something.
“What was that?” Spyro leaned in to hear him clearly. “I didn’t catch that.”
Trax sighed, completely embarrassed at what he was going to say. But it was best to come clean. “A lightning bolt…”
Spyro’s brows furrowed. “A lightning bolt?”  He cocked his head to the side. After seeing Zaze move at blindingly fast speeds, seeing Phase make a duplicate of himself with his ice element, watching Crombe practically pummel a behemoth singlehandedly, Spyro had to admit, his expectations were raised a bit too high. He forgot who he was talking to. “Can you show me?”
For a brief moment, a look of worry flashed across Trax’s face. But it was then replaced with a calm expression. “Um…okay.”

A training dummy appeared at the center of the Training Dojo as Trax prepared himself for his demonstration.
“I want you to hit the dummy as strong as you can,” Spyro said, watching intently. Depending on how Trax performed, he could gauge how much work was needed to make him stronger.
Trax nodded and took a deep breath. “Alright, just do it. Don’t imagine, Spyro looking at you. Just do it, Trax…” He closed his eyes and began channeling his element. It was him and just the dummy. And that dummy was going down. Before long, the air around them crackled as electricity fizzled and gathered around Trax. In one strong push, he sent out a bolt of lightning that struck the dummy head on.
Spyro watched carefully as the straw burned under the sudden attack. But was surprised when it stopped, leaving only a black burnt spot in the process. He was expecting to see Trax cut the dummy in half, but only succeeded halfway. “Trax? Why’d you stop?” He glanced to his right and saw that the dragon was panting, and looked like he was out of breath.
“So…” He panted, trying to catch his breath. “How’d I do?”
The purple dragon blinked. “Um…” He glanced back to Trax’s work. “Not bad; can you make it stronger?”
“Do what stronger?”
“The bolt; can you make it hit harder?”
Trax visibly flinched. “I-uh, um…”
“Are you tired already?” Spyro asked, even though it was painfully obvious.
But the dragon’s pride was on the line. He wasn’t going to look weak in front of the legendary purple dragon. “No! Of course not!” Trax lied through his teeth. That bolt took everything he had. “I just need a second to catch my breath.”
Spyro walked over to him. “Trax, you don’t have to look strong in front of me. If you’re tired, just tell me, and I won’t think any less of you.”
The dragon stared at him, before practically falling flat on the floor. “That was…tiring…”
“Uh huh.” Spyro looked down at him.
“If you want to laugh, laugh. That’s the best I got, Spyro.”
“I’m not laughing,” he replied solemnly. “Though I will have to say this: you need a lot of work.”
Trax rolled his eyes and sighed in frustration. “This is hopeless.”
“Well no, I think I know what you need.”
“You need a mentor.”
The dragon sat up. “A mentor?”
“Yeah, someone that can teach you stuff and help you improve more.”
“Well, who would you suggest?” Trax asked. He then looked at the purple dragon sincerely. “Can you be my mentor?”
Spyro shook his head. “I’m sorry, Trax. I’m not really all that good with my electricity techniques. I’m more in tune with my fire.”
“Then who then? I can’t ask Volteer. He’s the one I’m trying to impress in the first place!” Trax scratched his chin. “Do you know someone else?”
That was simple question that was very easy to answer. “There is someone that I know that is amazing with his electricity element.”
“You’ve met him already.”
“Huh?” Trax was confused. Who on earth could it possibly be?
Spyro smirked. “It’s Zaze.”

Author's Notes:

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LoL 3 Ch 12 Mentor Talk
Legacy of Legends 3 ~ A Spyro the Dragon Fanfiction

Special thanks to Alec the Dark Angel :icondarkangelaw1986: for being the beta reader for this story. And also for basically becoming the co-writer of this story. 
Special thanks to Darkweave :icondarkweave: for being a  beta reader and co writer for this story as well.
The OC "Pyrus" belongs to Alec the Dark Angel.
The OC "Decibele" belongs to Sicarius19
The OCs "Manuel" and "Alyssa" belong to SpyroonEarth.

Summary from FF . Net:

"The sequel to Legacy of Legends 2. The mysteries have cleared but at a cost no one ever expected. Zaze, the Electric Dragon, is no more. Instead, he is now faced with his new identity, and is now forced to live a life with the consequences of his actions that continue to haunt him."

Chapter 12 Mentor Talk 

Next Chapter: 
Previous Chapter: 
Legacy of Legends:  LoL Ch. 1 Respite
It is me once again, ZRovas117. After going dark for so long, I AM BACK! With a new story on board! Honestly, at this point, I'm glad that I still can write fics. After scrapping idea after idea, I finally decided to take a break from it all and just relax. And relax I did; which is why I've been gone...for like what? A month or so? I don't know. Rest assured, I am not dead. For those of you who do know me, you know where I usually am at. Heck, if you know where that is, you can even contact me, since I am VERY active THERE.
Brushing that all aside. NEW STORY! WOOT! I am feeling a bit sad that my stories aren't getting much attention as they used to. *sigh* Oh well. As long as they are readers, and they leave reviews, I am happy.
So yeah. After thinking things down, writing it all up, I finally came down with something...different. I wanted to write something close to what I know, but at the same ti

Legacy of Legends 2:  LoL 2 Ch 1 One WeekHEY GUYS! I AM BACK!
After being gone for almost 3 months and making another successful fic, which is "Legacy of Legends", I AM BACK WITH ANOTHER ONE! I hope you guys haven't forgotten about me throughout the entire time. Sorry for delaying this for a long time, I've been busy with finals and stuff. Sorry guys. Well, there's not much to say really, aside from one thing.
Well enough chit-chat from me. I think it's time I let you guys read the story for yourselves. But before that, here's a primer for you all. A refresher on the story so far. Feel free to skip it, if you feel like it.
Summary of Legacy of Legends

After the events of the incident at the volcano, Spyro and Cynder find themselves resting, glad to be alive. Deciding that they should get back to Warfang, they do so; however, night falls and they are forced to make a stop, making a campsite at the very place they were at before, with Hunter the Cheetah. This in turn, led t

Disclaimer: The Legend of Spyro characters as well as Spyro the Dragon characters, are owned by their respective companies.


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